The Mumzees

Hailing from North Georgia, Madison Orr was raised by a disgraced faith healer, his formative years spent listening to a partially dubbed over mixtape of GG Allin and Nirvana. Through a mutual friend / parole officer, Madison met bassist Sam Talley and drummer Sam McKenley, two like-minded musicians with a penchant for being named Sam. Fast forward to 2014, immediately following their daring escape from the UFO cult, and The Mumzees as you know them were born: brash, loud, addicted to cough syrup, and banned from Kentucky Fried Chicken locations nationwide.

Look for Heavy Desert March 31st.

CD / Tape / Digital

Their full-length debut, Heavy Desert, was recorded in Nashville, with engineering by Kevin White, mastering by Jason Hamric (Great Peacock) and artwork by Perry Shall (Diarrhea Planet, Jeff the Brotherhood).

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